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Parent Handbook


Camp Health:  

CSME’s Healthcare Center is onsite and is staffed by a Medical Director, either MD or RN or assistant 24 hours a day.  The Medical Director is responsible for:  routine healthcare, daily medications, first aid, education and decisions on health and medical matters, assessing emergency medical situations, notifying parents of emergency treatment outcomes, reviews Health Profiles and camper and staff screenings, evaluates campers and staff for signs of communicable illnesses, and making medical decisions about sending campers home.  The Healthcare Center can treat: viral symptoms, such as stomachaches, headaches, upset stomach, sore throat and fevers; allergy symptoms of stuffy nose, sneezing and teary eyes; skin injuries like bee-stings, insect bites, cuts, abrasions, bruises, poison ivy and oak; muscle pains, back pains, blunt trauma; earaches and emotional upset. Also, head injuries, ingestions, eye injuries, chest pain and major fractures may be treated or referred for outside care.

If a camper has medical needs beyond these, through discussion with parents, the Medical Director and the Camp Director will determine if CSME will be able to meet the needs of the camper without compromising the integrity of the program.  These cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

In general, campers should be able to manage their own behaviors, manage their own daily self-care, and manage their own dietary restrictions

Dietary Issues: The kitchen at Ross Point can accommodate gluten-free and dairy-free options; however, we ask that you only request these options if it is a medical necessity (celiac disease, etc.) and then, at least three weeks prior to camp, you must complete the Ross Point Special Dietary Request Form, linked here    Campers with dietary issues will be instructed on the protocol for obtaining their special meals during their initial cabin orientation. If you have questions regarding dietary issues, please contact us.


Dress Code: our basic camp dress code is "camp casual", but both girls and boys should wear longer shorts (no shorter than 3 inches above the knees) and pack clothing that is church-appropriate for Liturgy during camp. Sturdy, closed toed, athletic shoes are a necessity and we ask that swimsuits are modest (tankinis are OK for girls as long as they cover the entire midriff). Please see the above Parent Handbook for additional details. If you have questions regarding dress code, please contact us.