About CSME

Camp St Mary of Egypt was founded in 2005 by several families in the Pacific Northwest area. It quickly grew and by 2012, we had over 100 campers, which in 2019 topped out at 149 campers! We have changed facilities three times, beginning at the campground at Liberty Lake, followed by a move to the Bear Paw Campground outside of Spokane, and finally landing at Ross Point Baptist Camp in Post Falls, ID where we have been kindly and hospitalitably received every year since 2013.

The mission of CSME is to provide an opportunity for children ages 9 - 17, to live in community with their brothers and sisters in Christ, make lasting friendships with other committed Orthodox Christians, and deepen their faith. We promote a clique-free, bully-free environment, in which campers work together to create community and take care of one another.

Our morning educational sessions, led by at least four priests, are considered the highlight of camp by many of our campers, inspiring great conversation and lasting dialogue about their faith. Afternoons and evenings are spent in a variety of activities, from Team Time competitions and free time activities like canoeing, swimming, rock wall climbing,mini golf, crafts and games to our Evening Program, which includes campfires, evening group games, and a talent show.

We are an entirely volunteer-run camp, with no paid staff. Join the CSME family and see how camp might change your life!